Thursday, 19 October 2017

Escape Zone:3000 Pre-Vis (All Scenes)

I have now completed all the scenes for my pre-vis and I am very happy with how it has turned out, I have taken notes of certain scenes I don't feel work as well as others, some are because of camera movements and others due to the composition and layout of the shot, however, this aside I'm excited for it to be a fully realised animation.


From here I plan on moving onto designing and building more of the world. I do have some old sketchbooks from the summer that have quick scribbles of the character which I a plan on taking forward to create some more finished designs. 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dance Escape Pre-Visualisation

The dance escape as previously mentioned is a reference/pastiche to Footloose. I always enjoyed scenes like this in film, I simply found them entertaining. With this pre-vis I have recreated various shots from the 1984 film whilst also incorporating a few of my own. 
The purpose of the scene itself is to get the character from A to B in an entertaining way. 
Visually, the scene will incorporate theatrical lighting and a smokey atmosphere to resemble that of the scene that it has been appropriated from. 
The next thing on my to-do list is to assemble a pre-vis for the final scene of the film tying it into the beginning. After that I will piece each pre-vis together to get a sense of the full animation. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Action Sequence [Pre-vis and Notes]

As I said in my last post I wanted to take my storyboards and adapt them into a rough pre-vis to get a better sense of movement, which I have done. From it I personally have a better sense of the movement, and the way each shot moves from one to the other. It's also given me a clearer vision of how particular shots, that I felt would be difficult, will translate into animation.

My next point of call is the storyboard the next scene which is a kind of dance/escape scenario. 
After that I plan on putting everything together to see how it all works as one piece.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Storyboarding The Action Sequence

In my previous post I stated that I was eager to incorporate each of the problematic scenarios into my action sequence. I have gone ahead and storyboarded the sequence in a way that I feel keeps the audience's interest, I wanted the camera movements to be fast, and directly in the heart of everything. 
One thing I did was drop one of the problems, I decided to get rid of the jumping through hoops idea as I didn't feel that it was adding much to the scene and it was slowing the pace.
I was also taking into consideration the amount of time I actually have with this project, and was thinking of project management and the amount of animating I will have to do.

Below are the scanned in storyboards from my sketchbook
From this I feel I could make a quick pre-vis to give a rough sense of the camera movement and pacing.
As well as this, my next task is to choreograph a dance escape inspired by the warehouse scene in 'Footloose'

Saturday, 30 September 2017


After a chat with Alan on Friday about the second act of the animation, it is clear that action is very much missing. His advice, become my own location manager and find areas of interest and try to get a feel of how a chase scene would take place within it. This sparked my interest, and got me thinking where could I go? What would be a great place to shoot an action scene and what kind of action could happen? 

And then I took this photo...

It wasn't until I was back home that I realised that this corridor is EXACTLY what I needed all along. The way in which it looked like a never ending corridor sparked a thousand ideas.
I thought, what could be the action that puts the audience on the edge of their seats? Could it be...

- A laser maze
- A giant ball of death
- A Jump through flaming hoops
- A pool of sharks
- A narrow escape through a closing door

All of these ignited excitement, but as I looked back at the picture of this somewhat never-ending corridor I thought, why not use all of these things. 
I imagined that to get the ball rolling (literally) this 'giant ball of death' acts as the catalyst that starts a chase, leading to each scenario happening within this corridor. As mentioned in my previous posts cartoons such as Fairly Odd Parents are things I enjoyed as a kid and the playfulness they have is something I want to inject into my animation. So, with each difficulty he faces within the corridor getting a little more 'silly' and quite literally jumping the shark and ending with a hopefully tense and narrow escape under a closing doorway. 

Below is a visually cinematic representation of what things come to mind when I think of my action scene.

Friday, 22 September 2017

@Phil Pre-Shoot Pre-Vis

Starting this I was finding it difficult getting certain shots from my mind on to paper, so instead of drawing out an animatic I wanted to try and get a better sense of the way in which the camera would move within a scene and how each scene would transition from one to another so I decided to create a very rough but useful "pre-vis".
As myself and Phil previously spoke about the ending shot (The character looking on towards the island he has escaped from) I haven't added that as the goal for this piece of work was to get an idea as to what would happen within the middle of the animation.
The ending feels slightly up in the air at the moment, again after watching it I feel it can be far simpler that I first thought, my first thoughts were to have the character escape, celebrate his freedom but then have to struggle yet again to completely make it out, but as I am typing this I feel like this idea adds maybe a little too much story to the animation considering it is a 'short'. I have added captions to the video to help give more of a description as to what is going on.
As I previously said I do feel that giving the character yet another escape scene at the end may be too much so, after looking at this I feel that personally I have a better sense of the direction the film should go, the ending still being the character escaping but within ACT 2 I feel he should definitely face some small challenges, which restrict him from getting to his goal which is to find the elevator out. But before this, to get there he must face things like, corridors filled with lasers in which he must zig zag his way through etc.
Personally I love shows like 'Fairly Odd Parents' 'Spongebob Squarepants' so there are times where I wanted to get certain things that the creators of those shows do within this animation so it ends up being fun and slightly surreal with characters appearing in one place then instantly in another, hopefully this can be seen within some shots. I am feeling very optimistic about this idea, the more I work on it the more I feel that it is begin to take the shape of something that audiences will like.