Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Creating a 3D Character...The Remake

Whilst rigging my character I came across some problems with my model that caused a few issues when rigging/weighting. Because of this, I have decided to give my character an update, as seen below.

The changes made were to the arms and the body/torso, not too drastic, but they have made the character less clunky and a bit more refined and sleek which will help with the rigging and skinning.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Building Zone 3000

As well as working on the rig for C-13, I have also been experimenting with lighting and texturing on one of the first shots in the animation. Below is a composite of Maya renders and photoshop editing which I put together as a reference for what I am hoping to achieve.

Using this as reference I moved into After Effects to give myself a better sense of how to go about editing the final animation. Below is the result which I'm very happy with, although, there are some things that I feel I will alter slightly in the final edit.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Creating a 3D Character

Last week (Monday) I started modelling my character, the above image is the fully modelled character. After I modelled C-13 I moved on to the sets which I am still currently sorting out and looking at ways that I can light them dynamically and look pleasing to the eye. Below is a selection of render passes. (Wireframe, Ambient Occlusion and a Beauty pass)

After my character was modelled and textured, I wanted to have a glimpse at how the eyes would work. The 2D designs proved that the eyes were expressive, but I wanted to see if this also translated into 3D. This was done without a rig, I simply rooted the eyelid shape into the position I wanted. Below is the result. Expression (Left) Neutral Position (Right)

Monday, 20 November 2017

Environment and Colour Design

With this piece of work, my plan was to get a better sense of the scale and colour of the environment, my plan is for zone 3000 to be a maze of buildings surrounded by water. Below is a quick colour key of a specific scene in the animation. I wanted the ominous, reddish-pink glow of the island's holographic sign to always be present within most scenes to give a subtle hint towards the danger C-13 is facing. As opposed to previous concepts and colour designs I have decided to crank up the saturation to give the film a more garish look.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Creating A Colour Script

To give myself a better sense of my animation, I wanted to create a colour script. I've always enjoyed it when a studio add these in their 'art of' books.
My main goal with this was to see how the colours I have chosen work with one another and how they change the tone/mood of specific scenes.
I feel that it has worked and I enjoy both the vibrance and the darkness of each scene.
Below are larger images of the colour script.